It was a festival like no other, in a year like no other.

This year demonstrated the deep resilience of children in the face of a global pandemic, the innovation and determination of artists in our community, the generosity of our friends and supporters in an uncertain economic climate, and the fundamental importance of creativity and the arts in all our lives.

The Baboró festival team, supported by Baboró‘s Board, was delighted to be able to safely bring an extended Baboró festival with innovative performances to hundreds of families, schools and artists across the country and around the world. The programme of live in-person and digital events reached over 5,000 children, and we were deeply grateful to have had the festival brought to life by enthusiastic audiences, incredible artists, understanding partners and generous supporters.

A reminder that together we can still create space to play, connect and express ourselves.

Editing: Alice McDowell

Videography: Alice McDowell, Lakshika Films

Photography: Anita Murphy, Declan Colohan


The images show Wexford Arts Centre Annexe window, with art by local artists Nick Jarman & Pavlina Kubelkova and their little daughter Sophie aged 2 and 1/2 years.

Bright, hopeful art based on a family day out in the park to remind supporters and passerbys on their walks within their 5K that Spring will soon be here and hope is on the way!  Made out of recycled cardboard for complying with our ESG plans of sustainable art creation. Our sharing of window art images on social media have generated some generous donation support and lots of online engagement while our doors and windows are closed.

Link for support for ongoing sustainable art and supplies – Ticketsolve – Wexford Arts Centre


Linenhall Arts Centre commissioned this spoken word piece, which was released before Christmas, with poet Ciara Ní É. The piece looks at legacies and what that means especially in the context of last year’s challenges. It’s available in English and Irish.